International Casting Procurement Partners

We deliver iron castings made from a variety of diverse material grades and compositions, and are also offering extensive services. We are praised for fair pricing, coupled with high quality. For almost 30 years, our customers from machine construction and many other industries benefit from our service and our comprehensive competencies:

  • first-class expertise and know-how
  • large network of local, national and international providers,
  • client-focused order- and quality management
  • client support of logistics, planning and storage through central storage, blanket order processes and consignment storage facilities

The procurement of castings is in need of reliable partners.
We have specialised ourselves to use the competencies of our supply chain providers and other co-operation partners in an optimal way in order to support our clients. Thus, the tasks and challenges we are facing on behalf of our clients, are quite multifaceted. In consequence, our technical scope is very versatile as well:

  • small and medium batch sizes
  • large scale batch sizes and high volume series
  • hand- and machine moulded casts
  • grey iron casts
  • ductile iron casts
  • steel casts
  • aluminium casts and forgings
  • entire range of castings from 200 grams to 20 tons
  • pattern/model and gravity die fabrication
  • all machining and treatment processes
  • diverse surface treatment processes