About us

Who we are

MAFA Gussvertriebs GmbH is active as a trading and merchant house since 1992. Over time, next to being a supplier to various industries, we have developed a differentiated service offering. During the quest for suitable manufacturers for our procurement, we have identified strong, reliable suppliers and partners within Germany, the EU, and globally.

Our managing director Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Söndgen, heads the technical office located in Worms. As a very experienced foundry engineer with long standing, he is your competent contact person for all technical matters and production enquiries.

Mr. Klaus Söndgen heads the Order Management office located in Wörrstadt, which coordinates all commercial and logistical processes. All offices are linked to the same network and are in constant exchange. At the central warehouse, 200 tons of stored goods are waiting to be expedited at any time. In all areas and departments of our company, from commercial handling or accounting to storage or dispatch, all of our employees feel committed to our shared goal, which is to act in accordance with our corporate philosophy - in all day-to-day operations.


Our Philosophy

We combine our technical competence and multiple procurement possibilities with an optimized order and supplier management. At MAFA, procurement, shipping, planning, due date control and logistics form an interlinked unit with a clear focus on our clients. This disburdens our customers from many tasks and operations, enabling them to focus on the essentials. You can rely and depend on our services. We place emphasis on relations based and real partnerships. This holds also true for our supplier side: apart from an outstanding subject matter expertise and flawless technical equipment, we value openness and are in constant exchange with the personal relationship managers of our suppliers.

To this end we are also conducting regular audits and are visiting all national and international production sites. At any time, we are informed about all technical issues and processes, capacities and lead times of our partners. This geared, trusted relationship and co-operation with the suppliers warrants our great, bespoke adherence to schedules, as well as a speedy and obliging transfer of information, data, and goods. We are very pro-active and keep our clients informed about the status of their orders and queries at any stage. Constant improvement and development is our goal.

Our Service

Use our deep know-how; gladly we support and consult you during the planning and construction phase of your castings. We can cast your parts making use of your existing patterns, or - according to your specifications - can create new patterns and lasting moulds. We pride ourselves for our strength - a speedy realization of your demands including a short term availability of samples. We deliver your cast parts according to your wishes as raw castings or fully machined. Furthermore, our partners feature a wealth of surface treatment processes including priming or coating and tempering. You can find an overview across our production and service spectrum here.

It is a substantial part of our service to support our clients with their inventory management and control. We are offering different types of agreements, for example we can stock series parts in our central warehouse, delivering them just in time to specified sites. We also deliver client parts into a designated consignation storage, from which production staff can service themselves, and which will be replenished with the needed flexibility and defined minimum levels according to your needs. It is our specialization to produce and deliver optimised production batch runs and match this to your specific demands. Our customers are benefitting heavily from the cost optimisation, inventory control, flexibility, and planning safety we are creating and maintaining for them.

Our order and quality management stands for on-time punctuality of high grade products, thus forming the basis of our outstandingly high customer satisfaction scores.

We are not just a trading and merchant house, but provide many added-value services.